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Hudson was seeking out vulnerable children to attend the Hudaga pre-school and met with Bupe, here sitting in the red shirt.  Bupe's mother died when she was small and does not even know who her father is or even if he is still alive.  She is not even sure how old she is, being an orphan all this time.  After grade 4 her guardians could not pay for her school.  She thinks she was about 17 when her guardians agreed for her to get married in 2008, saying she was of age.  She said she got married because there seemed to be no other option, no one supported or cared about her life except her boyfriend at the time.  Her first child is about 11 years old.  She had 3 more children with her husband, 7, 4, and 1 years old now.  Her husband, who is standing in the doorway, cannot earn enough money to have the kids go to school.  He looks ashamed.  Bupe seems to be still grieving from her past, which is probably darker than she is admitting.  Hudson will have the 7 year old at his pre-school and will sponsor the 11 year old to go to the government grade school for this first year.  He also realizes he will need to attend to Bupe's emotional and spiritual well-being and will try to do some counseling.