Community Development

One of the main problems is small rural villages here in Zambia is a lack of leadership and community focus.  The only structure in these villages is Church.  Creating a sense of purpose as a community, of building the community for a common good, of helping your neighbor, lifting each other up can work with good leaders.  Zambia is a Christian country and through partnership with Samfya Bible College, Africa Hope Mission is hoping to empower rural leadership to foster a spirit of growth, caring, and fellowship.


Meet Cephas above

One of our scholars who finished Theologian College is now sponsored by us working through Samfya Bible College to do Christian-based community development in surrounding villages in Samfya, Zambia.  He started small, meeting with Church leaders in Kaishe, a community of about 5000 he grew up in.  On the left is Foster, a farmer in this community who was so excited to receive a Bible and start learning about it that she got up and starting dancing!

He at first met with some resistance from a few priests but when they heard what he was teaching, they encouraged others to attend from their Church.


Through a lot of hard work and faith, Cephas has done well since 2019, teaching church and community leaders along with the community at large.  He has taught lessons on shepherding, on fostering a Christ-centered attitude towards giving back to the community and caring for the unfortunate members of their community.  He is faced with many challenges of trying to overcome many traditional beliefs that focus on fear, self-interests, and evil taboos.   He is very diligent in his work and this past year we gave him a small grant to create an income-generating bike shop in this community to continue his efforts.  He is very thankful!