Hudson and his family have been hard at work this past year getting started on the grade school on his farm.  The plan is for this to be a partial boarding school for about 20 vulnerable kids per class, from grade one to four.  They will come Monday morning for class, stay overnight until Friday when they will go back home for the weekend.  During the week they will be fed 3 nutritious meals a day and stay in clean safe dorms with clean running water and showers.  Most of these children would otherwise not get an education and would barely get food, especially if they were orphans, with some of these villages having a 75% malnutrition rate.

hudagapumpwater - 1.jpg

Water System:

Summer 2018 they finished the water system.  Carmen, from our board who works with Water4, helped to install a clean water pump.  They have a generator to pump water into a tank on the highest hill, seen here on the left.  They hope to get a solar system to run this.  A septic system was also installed with 2 bathroom blocks complete with running showers, one for the girls, one for boys. 

Start of School:

The first of three main school buildings has been completed November 2018.  The dining hall is ready to be equipped to feed the children who attend this school when it is opened.  Most of the food will come from the farm.  Hudson plans to start building the classroom block next, then the dorm rooms.  His dream is to open by the fall of 2019, though he continues to need our financial support.  With about another $20,000 this large project can be completed!


New Dorm house

We are reaching the end of 2019  and Hudson is almost finished with the first of two dorms.  One will be for 20 girls, the other for 20 boys who will be boarding there from Monday morning until Friday after school during the school year.  This will give many of these orphans a chance to sleep in a bed and have running water and 3 meals a day while they are there.  Most will not get that at home because their families cannot afford this.

Future projects

We are presently trying to raise money to finish this school.  For 2020 we hope to have enough to complete the second dorm and the classroom so the school can hopefully open by the end of 2020.  Consider clicking on the "Give Hope" tab to learn how to give.  Any amount will help!