Pre-school: Hudson opened up his pre-school near the center of the town of Samfya in 2017.  He had some snags getting proper approval from the local government but it is up and running.   Initally, he will be taking in 10 orphans for free, and up to 10 paying customers to help support the salary of a teacher.  Initial graduates have done well in 1st grade already. 




The Farm: The second part of the Hudaga project is his farm, which is 13KM outside of Samfya (20 minutes by car), near a small river. He has 10 hectares (1 hectare = 100mx100m, about 1 football field) there so far.  This farm is where he plans to build the boarding school for grades 1-4 for orphans. He may need to get a van eventually, but hopes to have the kids come Monday morning thru Friday evening, living and going to school here, being fed and raised, then home on weekends. Kids who live nearby will commute daily if they want. His farm is already up and running!


The farm will be the main source of income to sustain the boarding school and help feed the children; it will also be a place to teach the kids simple farming methods.


Crops: It was a better year for crops this past season.  He grew maize, peanuts, kassaba, and soy

beans.  He also has some pineapple and sugar cane going, along with trying to do some off-season

greens and tomatoes.


Piggery: Piggery is complete and he has raised a number of piglets to market along with having a

new group birthed this past year after getting a male pig. There is a good vet in town for a vaccine

and de-worming program to keep the pigs safe. The pig manure makes excellent fertilizer for the

crops and helps the fish pond.  


Fish Pond: After finding a natural spring on the land, Hudson has three connected fish ponds and

has been raising tilapia successfully.  This is a great source of protein for the kids!


We visited a few of Hudson's former students that are now in government school to see how they were doing. Two siblings, Ida and Royd (ages 7 and 9), are a shining example of the impact that Hudson is having. Now in second grade, Royd is number one in his class, and Ida is number two! Royd is doing so well at reading English, that he is now tutoring two other kids.

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