Up to 70% of children under the age of 10 are malnourished in various parts of Africa. Malnutrition leads to poor performance in school, stunted growth, and is a leading cause of early death. Through nutritional support programs for infants, micro loans for sustainable farming programs, and overall nutritional education, Africa Hope Mission strives to wipe out hunger.



In Sub-Saharan Africa, 32 million primary aged children are not in school. A $25 sponsorship through Africa Hope Mission can send a child to school for an entire year and completely change the direction of his or her life.



Of the 20 countries with the highest maternal mortality rates worldwide, 19 are in Africa. The region has the highest neonatal death rate in the world.  It is afflicted by devastating diseases and illnesses, and treatment and/or prevention methods are out of reach for many families. Our mission is to meet the immense need and empower them with the knowledge necessary to help prevent the spread of disease.

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