Samuchinwe Massage and Physiotherapy Group

Over the last 10 years or so that our group has been going out to Samfya, Zambia, we have developed a relationship with a few bright, energetic locals who want to help improve the lives of their fellow villagers.  Seeing how hard life is here, with bad backs, painful necks, wear and tear on joints because of the toil of daily life, we have empowered 3 Samfyans in how to do basic massage and physical therapy.  Led by Mary, a certified occupational therapist, who is on our board, Gabriel (on left), Irene, and Davies (on right), pictured here, have undergone numerous workshops to teach them these skills.  They have been working through their Churches to help housebound people with bad pain and such health conditions as stroke and have done great work.  All three are still struggling though since they are not getting paid.

    With funds raised, Africa Hope Mission is helping Samuchinwe take the next step, to start a small business in town.  They finished a certification course, have the proper licensing from the government, and are now mainly seeing patients in their home with stroke and chronic pain.  This past year we gave them a small grant to create a side income generating project so they can continue their business and they are now looking to connect with a local medical group with their pay clinic adventure.  They are very grateful for the support from our donors!

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