Another family Hudson interviewed to help support the children through school is Sara's.  Sara, seen here in brown, is 27 years old.  She had her first child when she was just 15.  She herself stopped school at the age of 9 when she was in grade 3.  Her oldest son is 12, second is 7, third is 5, fourth is 3 and youngest is just 1.5 years of age.  Here husband is also uneducated and tries to bring in enough food for his family fishing and growing cassava.  The fishing is very hard these days and cassava has very little nutritional value.  None of the 5 children have been to school yet.  All of them seem to be mentally challenged.  With poor protein intake and no school to challenge these poor children, the brain is slow to develop. 

       Hudson will take her 5 year old daughter into the Hudaga pre-school this year and has committed to fund the 2 older sons in the government school.  It costs about $30 to sponsor a child into the government schools.  The costs are mainly for a uniform and books, otherwise the school is free.  Sara and her husband are extremely grateful for this opportunity to help their family.  Otherwise they saw no way to get any of their kids into school.  They still are struggling to feed the family though.  At least the pre-schooler will be getting a nutritious lunch while at Hudaga pre-school.