We first met Terrence is 2016.  Hudson noticed his mother, Jennifer, seen here on the left, hanging around the hospital every time he visited there.  Talking to a few hospital workers they told him that she has mental and physical challenges and struggles to raise her 2 children.  She has no husband and has taken up residence in a single-room house in the back of the hospital, which is there to house the family of patients who are in the hospital.  At any given time there are about 30 people living in this one-room house.  She has no job, has to depend on the kindness of others to get any food for herself or her children.

One of the hospital workers has supported her oldest daughter into the government school and at that time she was in first grade.  Terrence was 8 when we first met him, and he had not been in school yet.  He is a very engaging young boy who captured Hudson's heart.  Hudson decided to help him by supporting him to go to the government school.

      Terrence, in fact, has done very well.  He knows a little English already and really likes math and playing soccer.  This past summer, when school was off, Hudson actually brought him to the farm so he can help with some of the farming chores and caring for the animals there.  This way he was able to make sure Terrence got 3 good meals a day, learn alittle farming, and would continue to thrive in school.  Terrence and his mother are extremely grateful for this opportunity, one that would have been impossible without the help of pastor Hudson and our support of Hudaga!