Their stories are what keep us coming back to help these resilient people of Samfya, Zambia.  This part of the world is one of the more challenging places to live.  With over 90% of the people unemployed, most live on less than one dollar a day.  Disease is frequent and often untreated.  This community is on a beautiful lake with surrounding swamp, which makes malaria more frequent than the common cold.  It was established as a fishing community, but they have pretty much fished out this lake.  Now they have to learn how to farm, though this has been hard.  Thus, many of these communities suffer from malnutrition as a result, with some of them showing signs of protein malnutrition in up to 75% of the kids we examined.  Their houses are made from the land - bricks are made from the clay in the ground, roofs from the dried grass reeds.  Clean water is scarce, with many kids having chronic diarrhea from contaminated water.  With all of this the average life span is in the 50s, with one out of 6 kids not surviving to their 5th birthday.  Despite all this, there is a gentle spirit with a love of neighbor.