2019 PROJECT: 

Young Life Ministry

One of the hardest things growing up in an impoverished area like rural Zambia is it is hard to find things to do.  No playgrounds, no ball fields, not even chalk to draw with.  Here a few boys were able to fashion a soccer ball out of a rolled up bounce of plastic shopping bags tied with string.  To make matters worse, half the population is under 17 and one out of ten kids is an orphan or vulnerable child missing one parent.  Many do not get to school, there are no jobs for teenagers.  All this leads to apathy and trouble.  Alcoholism, sexual promiscuity, teen-age pregnancy, high rates of HIV are common.

Meet Anthony!  He is a young teacher brought in by the Samfya Bible College to try to make a difference for the youth of this area.  This Bible College has been in existence for over 15 years as the only institute of higher learning in this area, trying to teach young villagers Biblical scholarship to be ministers or teachers.  The principal of the school felt there was an enormous need for something to be done to combat the boredom for the youth in the surrounding villages.  He was able to convince Anthony to come over from one of the larger cities on the West side of Zambia, but they struggle with the funds needed to do have a robust Young Life Program


This past year through kind donations to Africa Hope Mission we were able to fund Anthony's project.  A sports ministry had the youth playing soccer, volleyball, and other fitness exercises.  He had community workshops on money management, sex education, and cultural responsibility.  He was able to reach hundreds of young men and women in the rural areas around Samfya!


He cannot do this without our financial support.  We are hoping to raise $15,000 over this year to support Anthony and his work.  Any amount will help.  $10 will buy 3 soccer balls, $100 will support a weekend away in a camp for 4 kids, $1000 will support a whole basketball league complete with uniforms and shoes.  Help us make 2019 better for the young children of rural Africa!